Cerise Complex / Hawthorne,


Mindful that the influx of personnel in the district requires a corresponding degree of creature comforts, the Vella Group is designing the Cerise Complex to address this need with food, beverage and catering establishments that serve as gathering spaces for this high-technology community.

The complex is comprised of three buildings, namely 12831 Weber Way, and 3330 W El Segundo Blvd., totaling 49,580 square feet of bow truss commercial space:

The Cerise Avenue building is home to electric vehicle start-up Chanje Energy whose mission is to replace fossil fuel vehicles with electric.

Weber Way is where drone technology company Epirus develops advanced defense systems. The company also occupies approximatly half of the El Segundo Boulevard building.

The other half of the El Segundo Blvd. building is slated to be home to Five Leaves restaurant and commissary under the helm of restauranteur Jud Mongell (Ace Hotels, Five Leaves NY and LA).