The Vella Group, and its predecessor companies, is a privately held real estate property developer and investor based in Los Angeles and New York City.

The Group, founded by Zach Vella, owns and operates a diverse portfolio of commercial, residential, retail and hospitality assets.

Since its inception, the company’s unique attribute has been its ability to identify trends and focus development activities in places that are at the brink of change, thereby becoming part of that community’s prosperity.

As an independent, pioneering company, the Vella Group quickly adapts to market conditions, giving it a competitive advantage by capitalizing on unique opportunities that other developers cannot usually consider.

The company applies its hands-on, vertically integrated resources to design, entitle, finance, develop, stabilize and manage properties as needed. This approach allows the company to manage the investment through curation of amenities and giving it the ability to control the vitality of the physical environment.

With its activities focused primarily in Southern California and New York City, the Group also has on-going developments in Las Vegas, Miami and Chicago.

The company brings together foresight, creativity and financial acumen to world-class developments designed to make markets and shape cities with state-of-the-art, visually distinguished properties.

The Vella Group’s unmitigated world-class experience has provided it with market-driven insights and expertise which enables it to successfully take on the most sophisticated development projects.