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    Vella Group is a privately held real estate property development and investment firm with offices in New York City, NY, Los Angeles, CA, and Miami Beach, FL.

    Zach Vella is the founder and CEO of Vella Group, which owns and operates a portfolio of commercial, residential, retail, and recreational properties.

    Vella Group, LLC is credited for spotting trends and focusing on real estate development activities in places that are on the cusp of change. This quality has been the most defining characteristic and gives the Group a distinct advantage in the real estate marketplace.

    The company can quickly adjust to changing market conditions because of its independent status and innovative structure; giving it a competitive advantage to capitalize on unique opportunities that are not typically available to other developers.

    Vella Group’s vertically integrated resources allows it to plan, design, finance, develop, stabilize, and manage properties as required. This capability allows the corporation to manage investment in existing properties by curating existing amenities and expanding others to meet market demands.

    Vella Group's primary operations are concentrated in Southern California, New York City, and Miami, with ongoing real estate development projects in Las Vegas and Chicago.

    The company creates world-class real estate developments by combining vision, creativity, and financial acumen to create state-of-the-art and visually distinct properties.

    The unrivaled, world-class experience that Vella Group, LLC has amassed over the years, has equipped it with the market-driven insights and industry skills that enable it to take on and effectively complete the most complex development projects.